Twitter users speculate that Donald Trump increased his hand size in a photo


Even before he was a candidate, President Donald Trump has faced — and vehemently contested — claims that his hands are any smaller than normal-sized hands. And while hand size has no discernible impact on one's ability to be president, there's a theory floating around that Trump may have had a photo altered to make one of his hands look larger.

The president's hands have been ridiculed since he started his campaign, and he has told everyone from media outlets to Marco Rubio that there's nothing unusual about them.

"My hands are normal hands," he assured the Washington Post editorial board in March 2016. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Trump's hands are only slightly below average.

Dana Schwartz, a writer for the New York Observer, noticed something looked off about Trump's hands in a photo from inauguration that is hanging in the White House. It was shown in his ABC interview with David Muir Wednesday night.

She said she compared the photo the president displayed in his new home with the original photo from Getty Images. Trump's hand looks slightly larger in the original photo than it does in the displayed one.

Some suggested that the hand just looks strange because Schwartz was comparing it to a photo that was slightly further away:

She then shared the photos again, this time with the same dimensions as the one hanging in the White House:

As many more Twitter users chimed in with their own theories, Schwartz retweeted a GIF from a man who pointed out subtle hints that the photo was altered.

Joaquin Baldwin, an animation layout artist at Disney, offered his own theory:

An alternate theory suggests that perhaps the images Schwartz shared are not the same at all. There is a chance the one that is hanging in the White House captures a moment in which Trump's hand was hovering above the former president's shoulder, thus making it appear bigger.

See how other people are reacting to the conspiracy: