Quick-thinking cops save newborn's life with an eye dropper

A Long Island mother has reunited with the police officers credited with saving her newborn baby's life.

Katherine Leonard, 28, suddenly went into labor January 14 as a construction worker was doing repairs on her Northport, New York, home.

As Leonard prepared to deliver her baby on the bathroom floor, the construction worker pitched in to help and called 911. Things were going well at first until the mother panicked, seeing her baby was not breathing.

Minutes later, police officers Steven Golub and Devin Humphries arrived to help.

"The baby was turning blue at that point I knew we had to get that baby breathing," Golub told Inside Edition.

Humphries added: "I yelled out over my shoulder, 'Get me a turkey baster. Get me something with suction.' I knew that's what we needed."

All that could be found was an eyedropper, and it seemed to do the trick as Humphries used it to clear the baby's airway.

"I put this end in and I basically just started working on the suction action and just getting it in her nose and was trying to clear her mouth. And then I would flip her over every so often. I was doing little taps and flip her back over again," Humphries said.

Moments later, baby Juliette was breathing and everyone began celebrating.

Juliette weighed five pounds and six ounces, and is doing just fine.

Then the Northport Fire Department Rescue Squad arrived on the scene to give the infant advanced medical care before being transported to a local hospital. Both mother and daughter made a full recovery.

And Inside Edition's cameras were there as Katherine was reunited with the officers who helped save her baby's life.

"You guys did great!" she exclaimed as she met with Officers Golub and Humphries.