Inside the 360 recreation of the Titanic


105 years ago on April 15th, the Titanic sank to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean after it collided with an unseen iceburg. The fascination with the event is still strong to this day, thanks to its historical significance and the fictional love story of Jack and Rose in the motion picture 'Titanic'. While most people will never get to glimpse the ship wreck in person, artist Yadegar Asisi's latest installation gives history buffs, art lovers, and movie goers the chance to plunge to the bottom of the ocean without any scuba gear.

Dive into the exhibit below:

Asisi has created a massive 360 panoramic installation of the Titanic that is absolutely otherworldly. This piece is not only a work of art, but an immersive experience that is sure to stay with visitors long after they exit the gallery doors. This piece is meant to represent mankind's constant attempt to overpower nature and its failure. The view that visitors will experience is actually what they would see if they were 3,800 meters below sea level. The panorama opens to the public on January 28th in Leipzig, Germany.

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