100-million-year-old 'E.T.-like' insect found preserved in amber

Until recently, all of the world's million or so insect species fit into one of the existing 30 or so orders.

An ancient insect that bears a striking resemblance to an alien has changed that.

The 100-million-year-old specimen, which was found preserved in amber, was examined by researchers at Oregon State University.

According to a press release issued by the university, the most unusual feature of the specimen is its "triangular head with bulging eyes, with the vertex of the right triangle located at the base of the neck. This is different from any other known insect, and would have given this species the ability to see almost 180 degrees by turning its head sideways."

When it was alive, the insect lived in modern-day Myanmar and probably spent the bulk of its time in trees searching for food.

Officially named Aethiocarenus burmanicus and assigned to the new Aethiocarenodea order, the insect is not entirely alone.

Another of its kind was found as well, so at least they have each other.

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