Twitter account that retweets Trump voter regrets is blowing up

People who voted for President Trump have begun to express regret over their decision, and Twitter is following along.

It's been almost a week since Donald Trump has officially taken office as U.S. President, but a number of U-turns on campaign promises of prosecuting Hillary Clinton and pledging "free health care for everybody" have left some supporters upset.

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"[Trump] I voted for you. But my mom called me and told me I can't stay on her plan #ObamaHadMeCovered," Glenda Maria tweeted on Jan. 25.

Her post was retweeted last week by an account called Trump_Regrets, a platform where Trump's opponents come to see supporters question their decision to vote for Trump.

The account, which was created in November 2016, has since accrued almost 60 thousand followers.

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