Sean Spicer's cryptic tweet sparks massive debate

On Thursday morning, White House press secretary Sean Spicer tweeted out a rather odd message, reports Gizmodo.

It read, "n9y25ah7."

Before long, it was deleted, but the lack of explanation about what it was left people to form theories of their own.

Some assumed the alphanumeric jumble was password and offered advice accordingly, such as, "You should probably not post your password dude. And you should probably change it now."

Another pointed out that Spicer had done the same thing just the day before, which, for a number of people, was all the evidence they needed to declare the situation a simple pocket tweet mishap.

Others weren't so easily comforted.

Among them were people writing, "Could these be coded messages to help rescue him from hostage situation?" and "sean spicer is casually tweeting nuclear codes."