More than 100 puppies spill onto the highway after a van overturns

One hundred and three puppies have been rescued by state troopers after a truck carrying them crashed in upstate New York, authorities said.

The precious cargo was rounded up on Interstate 86 in the Finger Lakes region.

They were on their way to mall pet stores in the area, the New York State Police said in a statement. The driver of box van, who was speeding, lost control of her vehicle and flipped on the slick highway, authorities said.

No citations were issued.

The pups were properly secured in crates in the back, police said.

The canine consignment consisted of pint-sized boxers, golden retrievers, terriers and schnauzers. Two of pups were taken to a veterinarian hospital for treatment of broken bones, according to local reports.

The rest were not hurt and were housed at local animal shelters until the transport company could pick them up and complete their journey to retail pet sellers.

The dogs had come from breeders in the Northwest, according to local media outlets.

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