Republican threatened to deport 'Muslim' Obama and family

A Republican in upstate New York has been censured after going on a racist tirade against former president Barack Obama, calling him "Big Ears" and threatening to deport him.

Joel LaPierre, a Republican in the St. Lawrence County government, wrote in a Facebook post on January 5, "Folks it is happening, Trump is making America great again!" on a link to news about the incoming administration proposing nationwide concealed carry laws.

"So long BIG EARS, you and your muslim brothers did your best to destroy this great country and you failed. Now great men and women are in charge to remove EVERYTHING you did," he continued before he claimed that the Obamas would be deported if they started "whining about what real leadership is doing."

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"Just remember keep poking the bear and we will pack you, Mochelle (sic), the kids, mother-in law and any one (sic) else related to you and send you all on a one way trip to Kenya where you were born," he added.

The post quickly went viral, prompting outrage on both sides of the aisle, and on Monday, St. Lawrence County legislators voted to censure him, 12-2.

"The comments made by Legislator LaPierre demonstrate intolerance and have brought shame and embarrassment to the County Legislators and the citizens of St. Lawrence County," Finance Committee Chair Joe Timmerman wrote in the censure order.

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LaPierre has since admitted that he regrets making the post full of "derogatory remarks."

"They were disrespectful and not becoming of a St. Lawrence County Representative," he wrote. "This has been a learning experience for me; and in the future I will express my opinions in a more suitable manner."