Worker turns herself in after allegedly putting blood on customer's burger


A fast-food worker turned herself in to police custody on Monday after allegations arose surrounding an incident in which the employee put menstrual blood on a customer's hamburger.

The Jack's fast-food restaurant where the worker was employed and the Mississippi State Department of Health are investigating the alleged contamination after a now-deleted post on social media went viral.

A Facebook post claimed that Jack's employee Sky Juliett Samuel, 18, intentionally contaminated a customer's hamburger with her own menstrual blood during a drive-in order.

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The state health department said they sent an inspector to the restaurant following the allegations. Jack's passed the inspection, however, so the allegation was then reported to local law enforcement officials for criminal investigation.

The Columbus Police Department said they will conduct further investigation into the incident.

If she is convicted, Samuel will face up to five years in prison.

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Jack's restaurant also released this statement regarding the allegations:

Food safety is our top priority at all Jack's Restaurants. As part of our rigorous food safety program, Jack's maintains strict food handling policies and procedures that all team members must follow.

Jack's was recently made aware of an audio tape recording posted on social media, which allegedly claims that an employee at a restaurant in Columbus, MS potentially violated our stringent safety standards. The employee allegedly involved in this incident was terminated several days ago for unrelated reasons and no longer works for us. At the time of her dismissal Jack's was not aware of these allegations.

At Jack's, we take these allegations very seriously and are working to determine the validity of these claims. Additionally, we are committed to taking further action if appropriate.