New high-resolution weather images from space will blow your mind

When it comes to images and video beamed down from space, we've gone from grainy to gorgeous!

Say hello to the USA's newest weather satellite, GOES-16. GOES stands for geostationary operational environmental satellite.

The GOES-16 photos show a level of detail never before seen at four times the resolution of existing spacecraft and can scan the planet five-times faster than current satellites.

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration described it best as "high-definition from the heavens."

The satellite is as big as a school bus and is loaded with high-tech gear.

Because of the fancy upgrades and ability to capture higher-resolution images of weather patterns than any of NOAA's other satellites, experts say this will help improve weather forecasts by allowing meteorologists to pinpoint the location of severe weather, increase the warning time for dangerous storms and ultimately save lives.

Meteorologists have waited years for these images.

In May, NOAA will decide where to permanently place GOES-16 in space.

The images are so picture perfect you have to wonder how soon it'll be before we can take space selfies!