Firefighters to use jetpacks to battle flames

Dubai has experienced an "uptick in fires" over the past years, so it has responded by coming up with a novel way to fight some of the blazes.

It recently adopted jetpacks, which allow firefighters and the hoses they carry to be lifted into the air via jets of water, notes RT.

The system, which is powered by jet skis, is called Dolphin and was demonstrated on Saturday.

That presentation showed a firefighter being lifted above the water and to the side of a bridge for the purpose of battling a car blaze.

In addition to putting out fires on waterway overpasses, the means can be used to extinguish flames battering boats and properties along the shoreline.

As the jet skis don't run the risk of getting stuck in city traffic, it is anticipated that the response time typically required to reach a number of areas will be greatly diminished.