US Department of Defense denies veiled reference to Trump's mental state

After the U.S. Department of Defense posted a tweet about the relationship between social media and mental health, people began wondering if that was a veiled reference to President Trump.

According to The Hill, users responded with attacks on Trump, who is known for aggressively using the social media website and has feuded with the intelligence community in the past.

See how people responded to this tweet:

The DoD account appears to be earnest, though -- it has a link to research about social media platforms and how they can help mental health situations.

A Pentagon official told BuzzFeed News that the tweet was about suicide prevention and nothing more.

The department has been raising awareness for mental health issues for years, and in 2015 they posted an article encouraging soldiers to seek help as needed.

This situation comes at the heels of a Twitter controversy involving another government agency -- the National Park Service.

The account retweeted several posts that were critical of the Trump administration, and hours later, they were removed.