Student arrested after paper plane hits teacher in the eye

Police arrested a 17-year-old student in South Carolina on Tuesday, Jan. 10, after throwing a paper plane that struck his teacher in the eye.

Facing up to a month of jail time, high school student David Michael Elliot was charged with a misdemeanor after his instructor, Edward McIver, reported the in-class incident to police.

"Something needs to be done," McIver -- a science teacher and member of the Florence Public School District One Board of Trustees -- said to police, adding that he and Michael had previous confrontations in class regarding his behavior.

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According to the incident report released by the Georgetown County Detention Center, where Elliott was detained, McIver contacted Deputy Paul Glover, the school resource officer, to report the incident.

In his report, Glover described McIver as "very upset" about the incident due to his recent ocular surgery, also noting the teacher's "very red" eye.

Glover reported that he then organized a meeting between Elliot and the school's vice principal in a conference room, where Elliott admitted to throwing the paper plane at McIver, intending to hit the teacher in the head instead of the eye -- which Glover noted was not a "logical reason" for throwing the object in his report.

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Georgetown County officials cited Elliott for third-degree assault and battery, a misdemeanor offense that could have had the student face up to 30 days in jail and a maximum fine of $500.

Later that day, however, Elliott was released from custody on a bail of $1,087.50.