Reports: Trump associates being investigated for possible ties to Russia

Some of Donald Trump's associates are reportedly being investigated for possible ties to Russia.

According to a New York Times piece released on Thursday, officials are sifting through communications and financial records linked to individuals such as Paul Manafort, who was Trump's campaign manager at one point.

The Washington Post notes that according to sources, Manafort "...has been under FBI scrutiny for some time, including for allegations of illegal financial dealings in Ukraine."

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Other names that have been mentioned include Republican adviser Roger Stone and Carter Page, who specialized in foreign policy.

However, the Times points out that it is unclear if this assessment is related in any way to Trump, his campaign, or the hacking of Democratic National Committee's computers.

Despite a lack of specifics about the effort, the Post report states that "the investigation adds to the uncertainty surrounding Trump's relationship with Russia even as he is sworn in as president."

Manafort has since declared himself innocent of any wrongdoing, telling CBS News, in part, "I have never had any relationship with the Russian Government or any Russian officials."