NASA wants your help for its next Jupiter mission


Byline: Josh King, Veuer

NASA is giving the public a chance to be part of the virtual imaging team that will capture new views of Jupiter.

The space agency's Juno mission will be making a close pass at the gas giant on February 2, and for the first time, members of the public can vote on the locations where the latest photos will be taken.

The JunoCam will start taking pictures as it nears the planet's north pole and after two hours depart from the planet's south pole.

Scott Bolton, a principle investigator for the mission at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio said "Amateur scientists, artists, students and whole classrooms are providing the world with their unique perspectives of Jupiter."

The JunoCam was included on the spacecraft for the use of public engagement but also is helpful to the team investigating the "most massive planetary inhabitant in our solar system."

But you better hurry, voting ends January 23rd for the upcoming flyby.