Virtual reality offers spooky, realistic view of Trump in the Oval Office

A new virtual reality experience for the HTC Vive is dedicated to depicting the newly elected President Donald Trump. But it doesn't deliver the post-inauguration fanfare some might expect.

Created by Los Angeles-based VR production studio MacInnes Scott, the hyper-realistic model of Trump stands alone in a darkened Oval Office — an environment you can explore in full detail by walking around the room.

Scenes from the Inaugural Ball

The preview video (above) features no sound, just a stern figure cloaked in shadow, a setting that appears designed to produce a chilling, almost spooky effect. However, in the description of the VR experience on its website, the creators instead describe the scene as one of readiness.

"It's 2am in the Oval Office," reads the description of Wide Awake. "The phone is ringing but nobody is picking up. President Trump is vigilent [sic] against the encroaching darkness. His focus is intense. Is he leaning against his desk in contemplation or pushing off towards an unknown future?"

Based on that language, it appears the developers are leaving the meaning of the VR experience up to users. You can download Wide Awake for the HTC Vive now for free on the Viveport app store.