This is the most annoying airplane behavior

By Maria Mercedes Galuppo, Buzz60

No matter where you are flying you are probably in store for a bumpy ride and we're not talking about turbulence.

Walking into a plane you have to be ready to fight over your armrest, be strong enough to push your reclining seat and face the fact that you might need to use the bathroom and yes, it might get ugly.

Expedia has released the results of an Airplane Etiquette Study which reveals what infuriates travelers mid-air.

The study draw from feedback given by 1,005 Americans over 18 years old.

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For the third year in a row as number one nobody likes seat kickers! And it's not only kids. Adults do it too. Are they nervous or just completely oblivious?

Inattentive parents fall in second place, followed by "the aromatic passenger." Yeah you know which one.

Followed by people who talk or listen to music loudly without concern for others, "the boozer" and the chit chatter.

35% of the people said they would pay more money to sit in a designated quiet zone, which isn't very surprising since 33% of them would just deal with the problem instead of confronting the fellow passenger.

But pat yourselves on the back 70 to 80% consider passengers to be considerate.