The Bronx Zoo wants lovers to buy roaches for Valentine's Day

By Nathan Rousseau Smith, Buzz60

Valentine's Day is coming up and lovers everywhere are getting ready to get their special someone flowers, chocolate and jewelry. You know, the usual.

However, if you want to spice up your relationship, maybe it's time to try something a little more unexpected. We're not talking about naming a star after your loved one. That's been done before.

This year you can surprise your significant other by naming them after an animal that'll really send their heart a flutter; a cockroach!

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The Bronx Zoo is letting lovebirds purchase a Madagascar hissing cockroach for just $10. For an extra fee they'll even throw in a plush roach, which is so much cooler than a giant teddy bear.

If you're on the fence, just think of the perks. The purchase is tax deductible and you can go on romantic dates to visit your very own "love roach" at the zoo.

We still have one very important question though. Why does the Bronx Zooeven have cockroaches? Isn't New York already crawling with them?