Stacey Dash exits FOX News, Twitter rejoices


On Sunday, news broke that Stacey Dash would no longer be a contributor at Fox News, and Twitter rejoiced.

"Stacey Dash got the boot right after the inauguration. Good job Fox," tweeted one user.

"Stacey Dash had a job? I wasn't aware that she was working," tweeted another.

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Given Dash's past stirring up ire with her comments criticizing transgender rights, hip hop artists and the ban of immigration of Middle Easterners, most reactions include hilarious memes and gifs to celebrate that she would no longer work at Fox News.

A network spokesperson confirmed to TheWrap that Dash has exited — However, multiple outlets reported Dash was fired, which was not confirmed by the spokesperson.

Dash had been a Fox News contributor since 2014. Clicking on her bio page on brings you to a 404 error page. In 2015, the network suspended Dash for her use of profanity on-air while talking about former President Barack Obama's speech about terrorism.

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See reactions to Dash's exit below.

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