Researchers want bugs to be part of your diet

Byline: Jordyn Rolling

Researchers from are trying to incorporate crickets into your diet, and it seems like grinding them into a powder may be the way to do it.

That's what Laura Jefferies, an associate professor of food science at Brigham Young University, told KSL.

Jefferies and her students have been conducting taste-testing research on bars and protein powder made by a company out of Utah called Chapul.

The researchers are examining the impact of factors like consistency and nutritional value on consumers.

She told KSL that people more willing to consume crickets if they're ground into a powder.

Advocates for this alternative food source believe crickets are a vital resource for the world's growing population.

Chapul, whose founders appeared on an episode of "Shark Tank" and secured an investment from billionaire Mark Cuban, makes protein bars, powder and flour using ground crickets.

And, if none of those products strike your fancy, the company is said to be testing out a product similar to a peanut butter cup as well.

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