Hillary Clinton to marchers: I'm with you

On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton hoped that her supporters would be proud to say I'm With Her.

Now, with women across the country (and the world) marching to protest her former opponent, now-President Donald Trump, she's saying she's with them.

Clinton's account tweeted in support of the Women's March on Washington today, repeating one of her most consistent messages from her presidential run:

Clinton's support of the March comes in the wake of some pre-protest drama. The event's organizers stirred up controversy when they left her name off a list of 27 women whose advocacy for women's rights "paved the way for us to march."

See photos from the march

In response, Clinton supporters launched a Change.org petition and took to Twitter calling for her addition using #AddHerName.

Now that Clinton has publicly supported the March and called for unity, that controversy can die down. Even after getting some shade, Hill's here to remind us she's the OG Nasty Woman.

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