Two 'angels' help 73-year-old finish half-marathon after a fall

John Wilkie was just yards from finishing his half-marathon (13.1 miles) when something unexpected happened.

According to the Arizona Republic, "The Phoenix man had trekked more than 13 miles when the front wheel of a jogging stroller jutted out onto the course of the Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon and ½ Marathon in Tempe, catching Wilkie's foot and spinning him forward onto the ground."

Describing the incident, he told PEOPLE, "The brunt of the force was taken by my forehead...There was so much blood that it looked like a Halloween costume."

However, not all hope was lost as another runner and a spectator quickly came forward to assist the 73-year-old grandfather and helped him cross the finish line.

And subsequently, they assisted him in getting the needed medical attention.

Wilkie is recovering well after receiving several stitches and is grateful to the two men who helped him finish the race.

One of them, Colin Jackson, remarked, "John is the true definition of #DontQuitWontQuit."