Puppy survives 12 hours in snowy ditch after being hit by a car

A puppy in Alberta, Canada is recovering after getting hit by a car and spending hours injured in a snowy ditch.

The canine has since been named Nutmeg.

According to a January 16 post on the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society's Facebook page, "It is suspected that this poor gal spent over 12 hours lying there alone and cold before rescuers found and rushed her to SAVE – Southern Alberta Veterinary Emergency."

The post further noted, "Nutmeg spent the weekend being treated for a fractured pelvis. She will require strict crate rest for a minimum of 6 weeks to allow for her fractures to heal."

A day later, the group released a video of the puppy eating treats and wagging her tail.

And in response to a question about her age and breed, they said, "Hard to know for sure, but possible shepherd x around 7 months old."

Nutmeg is expected to be put up for adoption after she heals.