David Clarke tells 'DeploraBall' crowd the only time he'd reach 'across the aisle' to Democrats 'is to grab one of them by the throat'

WASHINGTON — Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke made a Thursday night appearance at the "DeploraBall" — the pre-inauguration party organized by some of Donald Trump's more prominent alt-right supporters.

While addressing the boisterous crowd from the stage, Clarke, who is a registered Democrat and has run as a Democrat in each of his elections as Milwaukee County sheriff, said the only way he'd reach across the aisle to work with liberal politicians would be "to grab one of them by the throat."

"You may know me, you may not," Clarke told the crowd. "I am one of those bare-knuckle fighters. When I hear people say we need to reach across the aisle and work with the Democrats, you know what I say? The only reason I'll be reaching across the aisle is to grab one of them by the throat."

Following his speech, Clarke was asked by Business Insider why he so viciously slammed Democrats when he runs as one.

Democrats, he said, do "nothing for black people and I'm tired of that."

The bombastic sheriff also said during his speech that he asked President Donald Trump during the campaign to put him "in the trenches."

"I play smash mouth politics," Clarke said. "To this day the left does not know what to do with me."

The sheriff, who is a frequent guest of cable news hosts, particularly Fox News' Sean Hannity, said he visited 39 states on behalf of Trump during the campaign.

"If you know the left like I do, if you know liberals like I do, they never quit and defeat is not in their vocabulary," he said, making note of protesters who were throwing eggs at attendees of the "DeploraBall" as they entered the National Press Club in Washington.

Clarke was also asked by reporters after his speech if he was offered a job with Trump.

"I have a job and it is as sheriff of Milwaukee County," he replied.

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