Trump opponents launch last-ditch effort to block him from the White House

With Donald Trump's inauguration almost here, one group is making a desperate, last-ditch effort on social media to keep the president-elect from taking office.

A message circulating on Twitter is asking people to tweet at Chief Justice John Roberts not to administer the oath of office to President-elect Donald Trump.

The post asks Roberts, who is slated to swear Trump into office on Friday, to refuse to administer the oath until "the allegations of fraud and tampering have been addressed and cleared."

"You must place country above fraud," the argument goes.

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But LawNewz reports that while the president is required to take the oath, the Constitution doesn't specify that the Chief Justice must give it.

Furthermore, most legal experts agree that the language of the Constitution, which states that "the terms of the President and the Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January" inherently means that the president-elect assumes the office at noon, regardless of whether or not he has taken the oath.

That same reasoning was used to explain why President Obama's flubbed oath of office in 2009 had no impact on whether or not he was president.

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But perhaps the most significant reason that the fringe group of anti-Trump advocates has no hope of seeing their Twitter-petition succeed is political will among their own.

President Obama has repeatedly reiterated his commitment to the peaceful transfer of power, speaking about his efforts to aid Trump and his transition team during his final press conference on Wednesday.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence thanked the Obama administration as well on Thursday, saying that the cooperation between the outgoing and incoming administrations would make any American proud.

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While a few dozen Democrats have chosen to boycott the inauguration over concerns of fraud or questions of Trump's fitness to be president, Trump's former rival Hillary Clinton has pledged to be there.