Ricky Gray executed for murdering VA family, says 'nope' when asked last words

On Wednesday night, the state of Virginia executed Ricky Gray, the man convicted in the 2006 slaying of a Richmond family, reports NBC News.

Gray replied "nope" when asked if he would like to give any last words.

He was put to death by lethal injection, notes CNN.

A website making the case for clemency was established prior to the execution.

It featured a video that outlined Gray's history, particularly a childhood marked by abuse and rape, and asserted that he began to abuse drugs as a coping means.

Gray claimed that he was high at the time of the murders and didn't remember much about them, notes the New York Daily News.

An investigation revealed that the victims, a husband, wife, and their 2 children, had been beaten after having their throats slashed.

Before fleeing, Gray took a wedding ring, a computer, and set their house on fire.