Lawyers say they will provide free representation to anti-Trump protesters during inauguration

By: Josh King, Veuer

With incoming President Donald Trump's inauguration just a day away, it's no secret that many are set to resist in the form of anti-Trump protests.

TMZ reports that the National Lawyers Guild, the Partnership for Civil Justice, D.C. Law Students in Court and others will provide free representation to demonstrators who are arrested.

Although laws in D.C. have changed to allows protesters without a permit to still demonstrate, there are rising fears in the demonstration community that police may go too far and arrest people.

One lawyer told TMZ that it's not so much the D.C. police they are worried about as much as the 5,000 National Guard troops and around 3,000 police from other jurisdictions potentially crossing the line.

There is also the issue that free representation could perhaps ignite otherwise peaceful protests into more dangerous actions.