Ivanka Trump: 'There's one first lady'

Over the past weeks there has been speculation that Ivanka Trump may be taking on a "role of de facto first lady" in the White House.

Such rumors have been put to rest.

On Thursday morning, ABC News' Good Morning America broadcast a segment of a 20/20 interview with Ivanka and her siblings that will air Thursday night.

In the clip, Ivanka says of the rumblings regarding her involvement in East Wing activities, "...I think it's an inappropriate observation. There is one first lady, and she'll do remarkable things."

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Ivanka is, of course, talking about Melania Trump, who has said that she intends to be active in the first lady role even though she will not be moving to the White House immediately.

How Ivanka will be involved in her father's presidency is less certain, but, regardless of what capacity she serves in, she has prepared by divesting her assets and distancing herself from her family's business dealings.

Ivanka has taken an official leave of absence from the Trump Organization and made arrangements to receive flat payments rather than equity, notes CNN.

She also named a new president to run her eponymous fashion company, relinquishing her authority over its operation.