Anonymous warns Trump: 'You are going to regret the next 4 years'


The hacker collective Anonymous has a reputation for delivering ominous messages, and in recent days, the group has begun targeting President-elect Donald Trump in a serious way

A series of messages posted on Twitter and include allegations that the group plans to reveal sordid information about Trump.

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"This isn't the 80's any longer, information doesn't vanish, it is all out there. You are going to regret the next 4 years," one message read.

In another, the group alleges Trump has "financial and personal ties with Russian mobsters, child traffickers, and money launderers."

So far the hacking group has provided no concrete evidence to back up those claims.

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In a separate tweet, the group claimed the United States had "committed ritual suicide by electing Trump."

The posts shouldn't come as a surprise, as the group pledged to take Trump down not long before the election, but so far its attacks have not done much damage. The group leaked Trump's personal phone number in March 2016, but the information later was discovered to have been previously available.

Past targets of Anonymous include the Ku Klux Klan and ISIS.

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