Mom rants about 'racist' train experience with her young daughter

Earlier this week, a British singer took to Twitter to share details of a racist incident on a train.

Jamelia, a popular singer in the UK, was traveling with her 11-year-old daughter in first class. A white woman, however, asked her is she had a first class ticket -- implying that she was lying by sitting in the section.

They went back and forth, with the woman claiming that she would ask anyone sitting with her if they had a first class ticket. Jamelia called her out on her racism:

Jamelia and her daughter moved to another seat. When a white man took their place, the woman didn't say anything. Jamielia's daughter had an impassioned reaction:

For anyone who didn't believe her, Jamelia shared a photo of her tickets -- which were indeed first class:

She also couldn't resist sharing a photo of her daughter on the train:

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The mother's tweets went viral and gained attention from several news outlets. When she was asked to be interviewed, Jamelia decided to write a blog post about what happened.

She discussed the response she received from her tweets. "What struck me, were the wave of comments I received ... first of all those in response to my tweets, the shock and horror that this could happen," she wrote.

Unfortunately, though, Jamelia said that this is not a rare occurrence. "Most of my train travel is first class, and I would estimate that at least 60% of the time," she noted, "I experience this exchange with either another passenger or someone working for the train company."

She also, however, made a point to discuss the support she's received from sharing the story. Jamelia vowed to keep sharing. "We serve no-one by remaining quiet," she wrote, "if anything this renders us complicit in the continuation and validation of this behavior."