Kellyanne Conway: Obama's Manning commutation is 'partisan politics at its worst'


One day after President Obama commuted the remaining prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, Kellyanne Conway slammed the move, asking "How can we look the other way?"

A former Army intelligence analyst, Manning was convicted of a 2010 leak revealing global American military and diplomatic activities. Manning is known for bringing prominence to WikiLeaks, who received her disclosed documents.

Conway, a top adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, criticized Obama's decision to commute as "partisan politics at its worst."

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"The way that we treat somebody or the way we look at leaking depends on whose ox is being gored," Conway said. "Why, on the alter of national security and intelligence, why we would be cavalier in this moment?"

The former campaign manager then transitioned to discussing Obama's historically high approval rating, where she retorted with a "big deal" and questioned the 44th president's leaving race relations worse than they were eight years ago, according to polls.

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"It's Donald Trump, through his inaugural address this Friday and beyond as president, that is really going to make an attempt through his solutions and his words to unify a divided country," said Conway.

Before President Obama's commutation, Manning was set to be released from prison in 2045 -- but is now expected to be freed on May 17, 2017.

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