IHOP faces social media ire over anti-Hillary Clinton retweet

Early Sunday, IHOP's Twitter followers were greeted with an encouraging morning message and a retweet that disparaged Hillary Clinton's attempt to secure a presidential win.

The original tweet was written by a user named Pooja and read, "Also good morning to everyone except Americans who don't want to accept the simple fact that Hillary Clinton had a major garbage campaign."


According to KNBC, later that same day, IHOP announced that it had been hacked and assured all, "At the core of the IHOP brand is a desire to bring people together and a commitment to creating a warm and welcoming environment for guests and fans everywhere, both in our restaurants and online."

Many were reluctant to buy into the hacking claim, notes the Huffington Post.

One person tweeted, "Was it really a hack? Or did whoever runs your account just RT Pooja? It seems odd to hack IHOP just to RT," while another suggested, "funny way of saying your social media person forgot to switch to their personal account but whatever holmes."

Others announced changes to their IHOP patronage plans.

Comments from that camp included, "i used to eat at your restaurant two times per day. now i will be eating there 0 times per day. don't lie to your followers about this," and, "well that sucks I was about to take the family to IHOP for that Retweet. Now we'll have to eat at the hacker's house."

IHOP has since deleted the polarizing retweet.

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