Donald Trump: Ivanka Trump and first lady Michelle Obama spoke for an hour


Many political pundits have noticed that Ivanka Trump has seemed more "first lady-like" during much of the 2016 campaign cycle, but it appears she may now even be taking advice from a first lady.

President-elect Donald Trump revealed during an interview on FOX News this week that Ivanka Trump and Michelle Obama recently spoke to each other.

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"The conversation was going to be a quick conversation – it lasted an hour," the president-elect said. "And they got along great."

President Barack Obama also made extra time for Trump in his first visit to the White House, extending their initial meeting by more than an hour.

The news that Ivanka Trump and Michelle Obama spoke at length is furthering speculation that Ivanka may be taking on a "role of de facto first lady" in the White House.

Another indication that she anticipates involvement in her father's presidency is the distance she's been creating between herself her family's business dealings.

In recent weeks, she has taken an official leave of absence from the Trump Organization and made arrangement to receive flat payments rather than equity, notes CNN.

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Ivanka also named a new president to run her eponymous fashion company, relinquishing her authority over its operation.

While her business-related activities have been slowing down, her presence in Washington, D.C. is growing.

The Daily Mail reports that Ivanka has been reaching out to Congressional members regarding ways to approach child care reform in the U.S., an issue she has often spoken quite passionately about.