Nanny who allegedly burned 3-year-old with red-hot iron: 'It was a long week and I was tired'

Police have arrested Nosipho Nxumalo, 21, after she allegedly used a curling iron to punish a 3-year-old boy on Thursday, according to reports.

According to CBS, the toddler, Alexander Persaud, told his mom that the woman burned him.

His mother, Angela Persaud, then reviewed the nanny cam that they had placed in the boy's bedroom.

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In a video captured of the incident, the boy can be seen flinching as Nxumalo appears to burn his feet and hands with a red-hot curling iron.

"She pulled out the curling iron several times. She heated it up," Persaud told the station. "You see her showing him that it's going to be hot, and, 'I'm going to use it on you.' You see her yelling at him. You see her grab him a few times."

The nanny was allegedly burning the boy to discipline him, according to reports.

Authorities said Nxumalo told them she was frustrated with the child when she did it.

"It was a long week and I was tired. The child wouldn't listen so I wanted to discipline him with the iron, so I burned him with it," police said Nxumalo told them.

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Nxumalo is charged with assault, endangerment, and criminal possession of a weapon. She told a judge she was innocent.

Persaud told CBS, "It took my husband and me a while to get pregnant in the first place, and he is honestly a gift to us, and I've done everything I could possibly do — at least thought I did — to ensure that he has the best life possible, right?"

She added, "And to know I allowed someone into my house who was basically torturing my son for a full hour," she said.

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