Close friends open up about why Ivanka Trump will be a strong first daughter


Although she will not have a formal position in her father's administration, future first daughter Ivanka Trump is shaping up to be a powerful and influential figure in the Trump administration.

In a special that aired on CNN mere days before President-elect Donald Trump is set to take office, friends and close allies of Ivanka's opened up about the powerful role she will play.

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"[She] has a great way of being able to, you know, talk to him," Ivanka's brother Donald Jr. said of his sister's relationship with her dad. "He trusts her."

According to Tom Barrack, a longtime friend of Trump's, her ultimate influence comes because she has no ulterior motives.

"She has no skin in the game other than, 'I'm giving you my point of view because I love you Dad and I want you to be successful, and you need to listen to me,'" he said.

That include, combined with her keen judgment, is part of why her father trusted her throughout his campaign process, even listening to her advice when it came time to choose Mike Pence as a running mate.

While Ivanka does not have an official title in her father's orbit, she has been rumored to be planning to sway her father to address major issues ranging from child care to climate change.

At least one member of her household will have an official position in the incoming White House, as her husband Jared Kushner has been named a special adviser in the Trump administration. The decision has raised eyebrows among some who worry the appointment could run afoul of anti-nepotism legislation.

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"They really create a force to be reckoned with," Eric Trump said of his sister and brother-in-law in a recent interview.

The Kushner family is set to move into a lavish home in Washington D.C., in the same neighborhood as the Obama family.

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