Video of FedEx truck drifting down icy interstate goes viral

A video showing a FedEx big rig drifting precariously down an icy road in California has gone viral with more than 30 million views.

The CHP, or California Highway Patrol, in the town of Truckee posted the dashcam footage to its Facebook page on Thursday morning.

It shows police cruisers accompanying a large truck whose trailer turns sideways at times down a steep section of Interstate 80.

To clarify the situation, the CHP added a message to its post explaining that "the driver had jackknifed at the top of the grade."

It goes on to indicate that, in this process, the air lines to the rear trailer had become broken and the brakes locked up.

However, since a tow truck capable of hauling the big rig was not immediately accessible and the driver said he could make it down to the next shoulder, police cruisers accompanied his slow descent.

In fact, as the driver approached the turn-off area, an officer can be heard saying over the radio, "I cannot believe that worked."

The CHP update ends by stating that "20 minutes later he was off the highway and we were open with flowing traffic."