Twin sisters who were separated at birth reunite after 10 years

Ten years after they were born, twins Gracie Rainsberry and Audrey Doering shared their first hug on Friday during a live broadcast of "Good Morning America."

The identical 10-year-old sisters were born in China in 2006 and placed in foster care shortly after, where they were adopted separately. From that moment, Gracie and Audrey began to live different lives, unaware of the other's existence and both sharing the feeling that someone was missing in their lives.

"It felt like there was somebody missing," Audrey told GMA. "Now it's complete."

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Gracie was adopted by the Rainsberry family from Wisconsin and Audrey was adopted by the Doering family from Washington state.

The twins only learned of each other's existence last month.

Audrey's adoptive mother found a photo of the two girls as babies together, leading her to hire a researcher to look for more information about her daughter's past.

The Doerings then tracked down Gracie's adoptive family and organized an introduction via Skype, after which the two families decided to reunite in person on television. Audrey said once she found out that she had a twin, "I thought my parents were, like, playing a joke on me."

She shared her initial reaction upon video chatting with Gracie for the first time: "She's me."

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"I was, like ... started to cry a lot, and my mom kept on asking me ... what my crying was for, and I was saying, 'I don't know," Gracie said.

But so far, the two twins are having fun finding out likes they have common. "We both love chicken Alfredo," Gracie said. "That's like one of our favorite foods. And we both love mac 'n' cheese."