Teen raises $30K after saying parents cut her off financially for having a black boyfriend

A 18-year-old student from Tennessee has raised more than $30,000 for college this month after saying her parents cut her off financially for dating a black student, she claims.

Allie Dowdle took to GoFundMe to seek a new source of financial support, posting an initial goal of $10,000. She alleged in her plea for support, titled "Say No to Racism," that her parents rejected her boyfriend, Michael Swift, "strictly because of race."

Her story has resonated with so many people that she managed to exceed her goal in a single day, raising $15,000 on last Thursday alone.

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In addition to denying Dowdle funding for her college education, she claims that her parents also confiscated her personal savings, car, and cell phone, which she says has made it harder for her to get a job and earn money.

"My parents also got involved with my school in [an] attempt to get me removed from the organizations I've been a part of, like Coexist and Facing History and Ourselves, clubs that essentially encourage [valuing] and treating people equally," Dowdle writes.

Her boyfriend of one year also took to his Twitter account on Thursday to post a link to Dowdle's fundraiser.

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"It was never about race," her father, Bill Dowdle, told the NY Daily News. Though his daughter seeing a black man is not his "preference" given issues involving interracial couples in the South, he concedes that it is not his place to vet his daughter's dating choices as she is 18.

Her father says he and Dowdle's mother would accept whoever their daughter chooses to date.

His concludes that the decision to cut off Dowdle's funds were due to her being spoiled and "it became obvious that she needed to go out in the world and grow up."