Returned 100-year-old overdue library book has the perfect name

Emily Drooby, Buzz60

A library book that was 100 years overdue when it was returned has the perfect name...

"Forty minutes late, and other stories."

Judy Wells took full advantage of San Francisco Public Library's beginning of the year forgiveness plan, which allows people to return their old books without being charged a fine.

Phoebe Marsh Dickenson Webb checked the book out when she was 83 years old. Unfortunately she passed away before she was able to return it, so for 80 years the book sat packed away in a trunk of her items.

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That is until her great-grandchildren found it 20 years ago.

So why did they take 20 years to return it? Because her great-grandchildren were having so much fun reading it.

But in the end, granddaughter Judy Wells did return the book and now the library has to decide if they want to add the book back into circulation - or add the book - which was published in 1909 - to their history display.