Connecticut Republican arrested for grabbing woman's genitals

A Republican politician in Connecticut has been arrested after being accused of groping the genitals of a female employee.

Christopher von Keyserling, who has been on the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting Board since 1985, was arrested in Greenwich Town Hall on Wednesday. He was charged with fourth-degree sexual assault which is a misdemeanor.

Von Keyserling was given a January 25 court date and released on $2,500 bond.

The incident happened in December 2016. The 57-year-old victim ran into von Keyserling in the hallway. After a short argument about politics, von Keyserling commented, "I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct."

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As the women tried to walk away, Keyserling allegedly put his hand between her legs and pinched her groin. The woman claims that he said, "it would be your word against mine and nobody will believe you."

According to Keyserling's lawyer, the incident was nothing more than a "jocular" moment.

"In almost 30 years of practicing law in this town, I would say Mr. von Keyserling is the one person I would never suspect of having any inappropriate sexual predilections," Phil Russell stated. "There was a playful gesture, in front of witnesses. It was too trivial to be considered anything of significance. To call it a sexual assault is not based in reality."

Police have reviewed surveillance video and the findings are consistent with the claims made by the woman.