Amateur scientists make groundbreaking discovery in mysterious D.B. Cooper case

By: Emily Drooby, Veuer

Clip-on-ties don't just get you dressed in a pinch, they also now help solve crimes.

Or at least one might in the infamous D.B. Cooper plane hijacking case.

In 1971 a mysterious man claimed he had a bomb in a briefcase, hijacked a Boeing passenger plane and parachuted from that plane after extorting $200,000 from the FBI.

45 years later, they have yet to find any clue that could lead them to the man in question.

Until now, amateur scientists known as Citizen Sleuths analyzed a JC Penney tie that Cooper left behind and found traces of elements often seen in aerospace plants.

Furthermore according to the group, the elements found were used around that time specifically in Boeing plants leading the group to believe that Cooper might have been a Boeing employee or contractor.

The group has posted their analysis online and have asked the public to share any and all information.

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