What were in the stacks of folders during Trump's press conference?


At Wednesday's press conference, President-elect Trump stood next to a stack of folders. Prior to inviting his lawyer, Sheri Dillon, to speak, he motioned to these papers:

"These papers are just some of the many documents that I've signed turning over complete and total control to my sons," he said.

When Trump wrapped up, he addressed them again: "These papers are all just a piece of the many, many companies that are being put into trust to be run by my two sons that I hope at the end of eight years." He continued, "I'll come back and say, oh, you did a good job. Otherwise, if they do a bad job, I'll say, 'You're fired.'"

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Trump allegedly barred reporters from looking at the papers. CNN shared a photo of them:

Social media was soon abuzz claiming that the folders looked too new and were actually blank. Suspect rose over whether they were merely props for the president-elect. TV producer Amy Berg tweeted her opinion:

"As someone who professionally outfits fictional universes, I can tell you with absolute certainly that these are blank pieces of paper," she said. Her opinion garnered over 26,000 likes and 13,000 retweets.

The Associated Press reported on the speculation. They cited a Trump spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, who claimed the documents were legitimate: "As Mr. Trump stated at the press conference," Hicks said, "they were just some of the documents required to transition his assets into the trust and additional restructuring."

Hicks, however, did not allow inspection of the documents. Fact-checking site Snopes notes that as of Friday, there is no proof that the folders were actually blank.

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