Plans for Stonehenge tunnel approved, draws online backlash

By Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

The UK government has finalized plans to build a tunnel under Stonehenge, but many people aren't exactly thrilled about the 1.8 mile tunnel and what it means for the iconic monument.

In response, historian Tom Holland, tweeted: "A tunnel under the #Stonehenge landscape wld be devastating archaeologically - & morally too"

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Others said the tunnel "is a mistake" and asked, "what's next? A hotel in the Pyramids of Giza?"

According to BBC, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling says the tunnel will help reduce traffic by "cutting congestion and improving journey times."

A campaign group known as Stonehenge Alliance believes the tunnel must be at least 2.7 miles long or it will do "irreparable damage to the landscape."

The monument's history dates back 4,500 years and yet many details about its conception still remain a mystery.

So if the government can't gain public support for the tunnel they can always build it in secret and claim aliens did it.