Mike Pence has a craving just like you and Joe Biden

If you've ever had a late night craving for ice cream and dashed to your local grocery store to pick up a carton, you're just like one of our future world leaders.

Mike Pence made a quick stop at the Safeway near his Chevy Chase rental home Thursday night, clad in a suit and surrounded by Secret Service agents, just like any relatable vice president-elect would do.

One of his fellow shoppers told The Washington Post that Pence picked up two half-gallon tubs of Turkey Hill ice cream.

He shook hands with the cashier then left, returning home to his family (including his pet rabbit, Marlon Bundo.)

Pence later tweeted that his wife, Karen Pence, asked him to pick up ice cream -- and he (and his extensive security detail) happily obliged.

Pence isn't the first vice president to show his love for a frozen treat -- Vice President Joe Biden is infamous for his love of the dessert.