ICYMI: Trump: Hillary Clinton is 'guilty as hell,' unique rape conviction sets precedent, Trump dossier author is real-life James Bond

Trump: Hillary Clinton is 'guilty as hell'
Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced on Thursday that the FBI will undergo a review over its handling of the Hillary Clinton email server ... read more.

Man convicted of rape for removing condom during sex
A 47-year-old man was convicted of rape because he took off a condom during sex. According to the news agency RTS, a criminal court in Switzerland ruled that if a condom ... read more.

Christopher Steele, Trump dossier author, is a real-life James Bond
The former British intelligence agent at the center of the maelstrom over a 35-page dossier about Donald Trump and the Russians is named Christopher Steele, but an ex-colleague ... read more.

Lamar Odom reveals he wants ex-wife Khloe Kardashian back in new interview with 'The Doctors'
A week after being released from a rehab facility following one month of treatment, former NBA star Lamar Odom is sitting down with The Doctors for a candid discussion ... read more.

Why New Jersey is the worst state for taxes -- and Wyoming is the best
It's hard to avoid paying taxes, but there are usually ways to reduce what you owe. Just ask any company considering a relocation to a different state ... read more.

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