Experts discover headless crocodiles in mysterious tomb

An archaeological team working in Egypt reported a discovery of 12 new tombs -- and what they uncovered is unbelievable.

According to FOX News, they found human remains, numerous sheep or goats with puncture marks in the skulls, a cat, and even two headless crocodiles.

The excavation, which is located on the banks of the Nile called Gebel el Silsila, has been in progress for years.

John Ward, assistant director of the project told FOX News that most of the human remains belonged to ancient quarry workers -- many of which seemed to have received medical care.

The sheep or goats that they found may have been sacrificed, but they have no idea why the crocodiles were headless.

"The cat even had its own little crypt," Ward explained to FOX News.

Other finds include amulets, necklaces and ceramics.

"It's every archaeologist's dream, especially in Egypt, to be the first to discover a tomb," Ward said.