Canadian woman's hysterical laughter is a viral hit


A Canadian woman's hysterical laughter watching her daughter struggle to stand on an icy driveway is to be released as a ringtone after the video became a viral hit.

The video showed a woman slipping and sliding as she tried to get into her car, with help from her father.

Her mother breaks out into non-stop hysterical laughter as she watches her daughter scramble in the snow.

The video went viral with over 900,000 views since being uploaded two weeks ago.

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Its success is thanks to the mother's infectious chuckling, said Suzanne's sibling Caroline who filmed the video on her mobile phone.

Since uploading the video, Caroline said many people have shared stories that her mother's joyful laughter helped them deal with depression and difficult situations.

This inspired Caroline to release a ringtone of her mother's laughter on Apple's iTunes Store, named "Canadian Driveway Ice Hysterics".

The family will donate a portion of the proceeds to mental health charities.

Ontario was hit by icy weather and freezing rain over the festive period, Environment Canada said.