Mom caught on camera saving 1-year-old daughter's life

It was a heart-stopping moment caught on one family's nanny cam as a Texas mom saved her 1-year-old daughter from choking.

Jennifer Hull, 34, was at home with her two daughters, Hollis, 1, and Hatilynn, who were in the children's playroom eating their snacks – veggie chips and bananas.

"I heard a noise and it just startled me because I had never heard that noise before and Hollis started running towards me and I could just tell something was wrong. She was just making no noises now and she was turning blue," Hull told

That's when Hull sprang into action, picked up Hollis and starting giving her back blows.

"I tried to look in her mouth and I couldn't see anything. She looked at me and I knew that something was really wrong," Hull said. "I flipped her over and I did the Heimlich and right when I did it the veggie chip popped out and she got sick a little."

Hull said it took a moment for what happened to set in.

"Afterward she walked over to me and we just held each other and started crying because it was pretty scary," Hull said. "I honestly didn't realize how scary it was until later that evening when my husband got home."

She told him what happened and he replayed the video. "I said, 'Hollis kind of choked today and I had to give her a stomach pump to get it out.' I said, 'You should just replay the video to see what happened.' It was crazy.

"He was like, 'Oh my goodness.' He really couldn't get his wits about him. He felt really helpless, being away when that happened," Hull said.

Thanks to Hull's quick action, baby Hollis is doing just fine.

"I'm just really grateful that I took all the [life-saving] classes I did because I reacted. It can happen to anybody. I am just thankful for the way it ended because it could have been terrible," Hull said.