High school teacher suspended after tweeting disparaging comment about Obama

A social studies teacher at West Virginia's Huntington High School was suspended after county administrators learned about her history of allegedly tweeting racist and anti-Muslim sentiments, reports WSAZ.

Students and school employees brought the matter to their attention over the weekend, and the response was swift.

Using the name @pigpen63, the teacher involved, Mary Durstein, had allegedly done a fair amount of tweeting over the years, reports the Herald Dispatch.

Among her more recent activity was a tweet regarding the beating of a disabled boy that occurred in Chicago, notes the Daily Mail.

In response to a message that included a picture of the 4 black suspects, Durstein allegedly wrote, "this could have been Obama's children."

Her prior Twitter activity reportedly included the comment, "Who cares if we offend Muslims at least they keep their heads on tact [sic]. They're the enemy!"

Furthermore, Durstein reportedly wrote, "Exactly" in regards to a post calling President Obama a "douchebag Muslim."

According to the Herald Dispatch, she also used the social media site to advocate for the deportation of Muslims and disparage supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Bill Smith, Cabell County school superintendent, told the media outlet, "We expect the same conduct on social media that we do in the classroom...when what they say interferes with the educational process, it becomes a problem."

Smith intends to meet with Durstein to discuss the matter, and an investigation into whether or not she violated school policy is in progress.

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