Owls look creepy as hell without their feathers


Besides the fact that they are terrible at fetch, it seems that owls are indisputably fantastic creatures.

But as we've seen proven over and over again, the internet really can (and will) ruin everything we hold sacred.

Twitter user Dana Schwartz dug up and, unfortunately, decided to share the following image with the rest of the world to ruin our favorite, adorably wise birds forever.

"I just googled what owls look like without feathers and I am severely shook," she wrote.

We're sure she was 'shook,' because as it turns out, beneath those lovely feathers lies a demon hell-bird with black, soulless eyes that can show you how you'll die years before it actually happens.

Since being shared on January 8, Schwartz's photo has racked up over 18,100 retweets and more than 35,000 likes.

And it seems that she wasn't the only one who found the image mildly disturbing.

One thing's for sure -- we'll never be able to unsee it.

(h/t Daily Dot)